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The following are the scheduled programs for the current month.

  • Sunday, January 5th,  Happiness: An End or the Means? Our Declaration of Independence says that all “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Helen Keller would have worded that last phrase differently. Led by Rev. Mary Tiebout. 

  • Sunday, January 12th, International Gender Equity. Bruce Knotts, the Director of the UU-United Nations Office, will discuss gender equity in the international environment and how the UU-UNO is working to influence the UN agenda on this topic. (Women’s Rights: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is one of the 5 core program areas of the UU-UNO.) He will illustrate his talk with descriptions of 6 women who have had a big impact on his life, including Mother Teresa. Program host: Barbara Kelly.

  • Sunday, January 19th, At the Movies in America. Eighty years since the release of “Gone With the Wind,” we acknowledge that perhaps some of that story is not entirely “gone.” Films have been, in a way, cultural currency, with the power to open, close or change our minds and the responsibility, even when telling a story, to tell the truth. Have films changed us? Which ones have taught us? Why do film scores stay with us for decades? Led by Rev. Mary Tiebout.

  • Sunday, January 26th, Love at First Sight. Wise men say only fools rush in... But Richard Goffman is going to lead us on a brief exploration of the mythic – or is it? – phenomenon called love at first sight. We’ll take a look at examples in literature, in music, in popular lore and in real life. Is there a scientific basis for this phenomenon? And if there were, what fun would that be? What’s your take?

Art Gallery

Our next Art Gallery for 2019-20 is: Abstract or Abstracted Works 


To view the current months art gallery displays, you can attend a Sunday Fellowship Service or view them after service during coffee hour proceeding the weekly program.  Additionally, during regular meetings of the poetry club, Sierra Club and TimeBank, people are free to see the exhibits for that months theme.


The art gallery committee welcomes interest in displaying art in this gallery.  Contact Sharon Pontier, (973) 948-4902.  Work must be framed or gallery wrapped. Presentation is part of what makes an exhibit worth seeing.

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